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The Kimpton Flooring Company Undertakes installation of all types of Decorative Flooring from simple bathrooms to whole buildings featuring inset borders with specially cut logo’s and feature stripping.  

We are approved Amtico and Karndean Decorative Flooring Contractors and offer the full range of Wood, Stone and Metallic effect Floor Coverings along with all Special Inset Motifs, Pattern Borders and Decorative Feature Strips.   

We carry in stock extensive ranges of heavy duty contract quality, Wood, Stone and Metallic effect vinyl floorings which are suitable for commercial and heavy domestic use. 

We also have our Excellent own brand Heavy duty contract grade wood and stone effect floorings KimWood and KimStone,

 Both of which offer excellent value for money and substantial cost savings without compromising quality and appearance.

Amtico The Best Decorative Flooring - Money can buy!  


Kimpton flooring have in stock over 80,000 square metres of contract grade decorative Floorings, including over 25,000 square metres of discounted Amtico and Karndean products for immediate installation or supply only.

 Wood effect planking can be installed as a separate two plank border with contrasting feature stripping around its inner edge and with the centre planks laid diagonally – This looks very effective and adds very little extra cost to the job.   

 Vinyl planking is virtually maintenance free and can be used in Bathrooms and Kitchens – Unlike inferior ‘Real Wood’ Laminate flooring, which is very susceptible to moisture and can only be laid in one direction, with no separate borders or feature strips.

 Wood effect planking comes in various widths, usually with bevelled edges to distinguish the joints and is normally available with a 'Tick' finish - Slight surface indents, or a 'Wood sawn' finish -  A cross cut sawn surface effect for added realism and slip resistance. 

 Some wood effects are also available with an 'Embossed' surface, which is a heavier raised wood grain effect running lengthwise down the planks for extra added realism and slip resistance, whilst others can have a flat 'Smooth' finish for very easy maintenance and polishing.














Kimpton Flooring Can special order any Motif or hand cut any design pattern or border in our decorative floorings to suit your individual design requirements.


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Stone Effect Tiles are available in various sizes and look very effective with contrasting feature strips inlaid between the joints

Stone effect Floorings can have a 'Riven' - Cut stone effect surface for added realism and slip resistance or a standard ceramic smooth finish.



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