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Kimpton Flooring have extensive stocks of contract quality sheet vinyl Floorings.

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Sheet Vinyl Flooring



Gerflor, Europe's second largest Floor covering manufacturer,

 offer the widest range of vinyl Floor coverings available on the UK & Irish markets,

providing a solution to all your flooring needs.



All Gerflor floorings come with a 10 year manufacturers wear guarantee





Gerflor 'Classic Imperial' Sheet



Marbled effect Sheet vinyl for heavy traffic areas

Anti bacterial and fungicidal




Fully flexible extra heavy duty Sheet flooring

2mm thickness,


2 metres wide - 20 metre roll length


 All colours available to order



Our Price only 7.95 + vat per sq metre in Full rolls only





We also stock


Gerflor 'Classic Imperial' Tiles



2mm Thick Tiles Size 300 x 300mm


2mm Thick Panels Size 610 x 610mm



18 colours available from stock



Our Price only 6.95 + vat per sq metre












Gerflor 'Classic Imperial' Sheet




Fully flexible heavy duty sheet vinyl Flooring



1.5mm thickness, 2 metres wide - 20 metre roll length



 Brown 105                                               Beige 001



Honey 006                                                  Pewter 013




Above 4 colours available from stock



Our Price only 6.45 + vat per sq metre




Ask about quantity discounts on any of the above materials





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 Taralay Comfort Uni  



Foam backed sheet vinyl , Anti-static & acoustic for comfort underfoot

With noise reduction in a plain, Non patterned design.






Gerflor's Latest Plain Colour Range



Click on Image to enlarge




 Flexible heavy duty sheet flooring


3.2 mm thickness, 2 metres  wide - 25 metre roll length



To special order only 5 - 7 Working days delivery time.



Our Price Only 23.80 + vat per square metre - Full rolls only.









 Clearance Stock Offer!




Taralay Comfort 'Uni'



'Pale Grey'




Colour Pale Grey



2 metre wide Pale Grey acoustic backed sheet vinyl.


 Last remaining piece size 2.0 x 2.3 metres



 Only 70.00 + vat











 Clearance Stock Offer!  




Taralay Comfort 'Uni'





Colour 6538 Pomme



1.5 metre wide Plain acoustic backed sheet vinyl.



 Last remaining piece size 1.5 x 7.5 metres



 Only 160.00 + vat










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Special Stock Offer!  




Taralay Comfort 'Memphis'




1.5 metre wide 'speckled' acoustic backed sheet vinyl flooring.






Click on Images to enlarge



8443 Glacier                                           8579 Cypres



8342 Ecru                                           8137 Grenade



8730 Violon                                           8762 Flanelle




Save 12.00 per Square metre on special order price.



3.2 mm thickness, 1.5 metres wide with Acoustic backing



Our Price only 9.95 + vat per square metre



For any length cut.








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Exclusive Kimpton Flooring stock Product!




Gerflor 'Millennium'



A premium quality heavy contract modern metallic chip effect vinyl sheet

  With easy clean polyurethane finish.



This superb flooring has a lightly dimpled surface for added slip resistance and is ideal for use in


Shops, Boutiques,  Modern Domestic kitchens, Clubs and Restaurants.



6 colours available from stock

Click on images to enlarge.


7392                                                             7344


7473                                                             7509


7182                                                           7199


Flexible Extra Heavy Duty Sheet Vinyl Metallic Effect Flooring

2mm thickness, 1.75 & 2 metre widths - 20 metre roll length




Special Price only 11.95 + vat per square metre.


For any length cut




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Concept is a high quality, commercial grade sheet vinyl wood effect flooring

with an 0.7mm clear vinyl wear layer and easy clean PUR surface treatment.




This superb quality sheet vinyl flooring is available in 16 wood colours

and is suitable for all contract use such as schools, shops, offices

Residential homes and heavy domestic use.



      Click pictures to enlarge



Click pictures to enlarge



This top quality contract grade flooring also has an R10 slip rating

  which is comparable with most commercial safety floorings.





2mm thick, 2 metre wide sheet



 Any length cut up to 25 linear metres



Our Price only 15.95 + vat per square metre




Extra Discount for Full Rolls!



A full roll is 25 linear metres x 2 metres wide = 50 square metres



Full roll Price only 14.50 + vat per square metre




4 metre width in this material also available to special order.





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Sports Flooring




Speciality Flooring for use in Gyms, Sports & Leisure areas, Fitness studios and Dance rooms.








Altro 'Mondosport'


Multi-purpose Point Elastic Wood Effect sheet Flooring in PVC.

Tough slip resistant surface layer with embossed, Matt and non-slip finish.

The floor can be glued directly on a suitable subsurface or installed to Altro Everlay stabilising underlay with a suitable adhesive.



Genuine Altro Sports Flooring for less than 15 per square metre!



1.5mm Thick Wood Effect Sheet Flooring.


Suitable for use in Gyms, Sports and Leisure areas, Fitness studios and Dance areas.


Can also be used as general decorative wood effect floor in domestic and care homes.





Stock Colour: 'Warm Maple'  WST 1501



2 metre wide decorative sheet vinyl sports flooring.


Give away Price only 14.80 + vat per square metre


For any length cut.


Why pay over 30 per metre elsewhere?









Norament 975 LL


 Extra Heavy Duty Hammer Blow Surface, Ideal for use in Gyms and Fitness areas.


Introducing Norament 975 LL, the revolutionary loose lay product suitable for all permanently dry, level subfloors: for new buildings and renovation.

 Thanks to a simple fixing system, surfaces can be quickly and cost-effectively installed on raised-access and cavity floors largely without subfloor preparation.

 In renovation projects, the floor covering can also be installed on old subfloors such as linoleum or PVC floor coverings and chipboards .

These tiles can also be permanently fixed with our PS adhesive or semi-permanent with Tackifier adhesive.


Commercial Grade Non-slip Dimpled Finish Rubber Floor Tiles with Decorative Inlaid Coloured Chippings.




3.5mm thick Synthetic Rubber Tiles that are Chemical, Cigarette Burn & Slip Resistant.


Click on image to enlarge



Stock Colour: 4869 Green


For Installation Instructions Click here


3.5mm Thick with a Hammer Blow (Dimpled) Surface.


Suitable for Areas that require Safety Underfoot with a Visually Textured Surface.



Large format Tile size 100 x 100 cm


Our Price Only 28.60 + vat per square metre


Buy 20 metres or more of these large tiles and get them delivered free of charge!


These superb rubber tiles have a current trade buying in price of 49.38 + vat per square metre - Compare our price!





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Sports Flooring - Exclusive UK stock!





Prialpas 'Priasport' Arena HG




Very limited stock!


Priasport Arena HG is a proven extra heavy duty rubber flooring for problem sports areas.


This super heavy duty flooring has a slip resistant hammer blow surface with inlaid coloured chippings.



It is resistant to Golf spikes, ice skate blades, Cricket and athletic spikes,

  Football, Rugby and Hockey studs and can reduce impact in weight rooms.




Supplied in large 1 metre x 1 metre panel format with penduncle backing

for Polyurethane or epoxy adhesive bonding.




This anti - static super heavy duty rubber flooring is 9.5mm thick and weighs 12 kg per panel.


Other uses for this seriously heavy duty flooring is around heavy machinery,

Stables, Loading bays, Workshops and Industrial areas.



Stock colour 'Grey Multi - Speckle'



Each Panel is 9.5mm thick and size 100cm x 100cm



Our Price only 58.00 + vat square metre



These Rubber tiles have a special order price of over 84 + vat per square metre.











'Taraflex' Sport


Sheet Vinyl Sports Flooring





We have in stock large and small quantities of various specialist Sports floor coverings,

Suitable for Private & Commercial Gyms, Sports Halls, Training Rooms

and other areas that require a cushioned extra thick resilient floor surface

in Sheet or Tile form.


Enquire for best Discount prices


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      Or call us on 029 2086 2086

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Burmatex 'SPORT' Carpet Tiles 





Heavy Contract Velour Pile Carpet Tiles



These tiles are specially designed to resist spiked Golfing Shoes, Football Boots etc.

For use in Leisure Centres, Sports Clubs and Changing Rooms.



Muirfield Green



Hoylake Steel                                     Belfry Blue



Castle Royal                                            Slate         



Tile size  50 x 50cm



Our Price only 19.80 + vat square metre








PVC Weld Rod


All colours in stock


4mm diameter for hot seam welding of most

Vinyl & Safety floor products



Our Price only 24.95 + vat per 50 metre coil


Our Price only 38.95 + vat per 100 metre coil





Clearance! - For Collection Only


We have many short rolls & off cuts of contract sheet vinyl 

up to 4 linear metres in length to clear at only 4.50 + vat square metre.



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for further product information, stock availability and  samples

  or email us with your specific requirements


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