Amtico have prevented Kimpton Flooring from selling their materials at discount prices by our closing our account. Unfortunately this means that we may be unable to offer you a price for a particular Amtico product you have asked for due to the fact that Amtico International have at very short notice and without any valid reason suddenly closed our long standing trading account with them. 

Kimpton Flooring have been trading with Amtico for well over 20 years and because we dare to offer and advertise possibly the lowest prices on the web, Amtico with very short notice pulled the plug on us and and many other online discount retailers in what appears to be an attempt at retail price maintenance. We have repeatedly asked Amtico to explain why our account has been closed, but they will not respond and give a valid reason. Other companies that have had their accounts closed by Amtico had exactly the same treatment from them with no reply or explanation.

The UK Competition and Marketing Authority has put out an open letter warning greedy and unscrupulous suppliers about stopping supply to retail discounters and restricting discount sale prices that prevent the public from getting a fair deal.  Click here for details.

Amtico have had an ongoing problem with us selling their materials online at a discount and have tried all sorts of restrictions and barriers such as stopping us using their logos, Hiking our buying in price overnight by 50% and telling us we must put 'Phone for price' and not advertise our discount prices on current Amtico materials. What Amtico have done to us and and many other online discount retailers is illegal under UK anti-competition law and we are going to report Amtico to the Competition and Marketing Authority.

We are building a very strong case against Amtico and hope to get them a serious fine for breach of the anti-competition regulations put in place so as to ensure the public get the best deals without being conned by greedy manufacturers. Companies that think they are above the law often come down to earth with a sudden crash. Only recently Google has been fined over 2 billion pounds for breaching anti-competition laws. 

If you have or know any relevant information about Amtico that may add to our case such as closure of accounts, excessive or unfair pricing or are a disgruntled Amtico employee, please contact us in the strictest confidence at this dedicated email address that will go direct to me: 

I would welcome your feedback on this matter as I am preparing a social media campaign to expose exactly what Amtico are doing. Also contact me if you are conversant in presenting such cases, had dealings or work for the Competition and Marketing Authority. Please feel free to contact Amtico direct with your opinion regarding this matter at: - Who knows, unlike us and other closed account holders, you may get a response from them?

 Fortunately Kimpton Flooring still have around 25,000 square metres of Amtico floorings in stock on sale at the low prices Amtico do not want us to sell at.

Amtico is a good flooring material, but at the end of the day it is only a thin 2.5 mm piece of plastic with no designer labels or markings, However Amtico want to force consumers into paying a whopping 70.00 per square metre for it.

 We hope to be able to offer you an alternative stock Amtico or other quality flooring product such as the excellent Moduleo range and all are available for next working day delivery.
Please email us an address with your requirements to here:  and we will post you free of charge a selection of similar coloured Amtico samples and alternative stock flooring materials that will save you even more money.
Unlike Amtico International, Kimpton Flooring want you to be able to buy flooring at the lowest prices possible and trust you would agree with this by letting us quote for an alternative.
Kind Regards,

Steve Kimpton

Managing Director, Kimpton Flooring Ltd.

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